‘Bodybuilding can be a good professional game’

Posing Time in Mr. Marcel-2016, Tameer Anwar, first day (Photo: Riad)

Md.Riad Hossain

“Bodybuilding can be a good profession. But in our country for this game no position. There is not enough money for this game in Bangladesh,” said bodybuilder and mister Bangladesh, Marcel overall winner Tameer Anwar.

“This is most costly game over all the world. Personally, we are investing a big amount of money to build up our body. It’s totally own spending money. But my outcome is low. Only for a hobby, I am continuing,” he added.

Tameer Anwar said, “Daily I wake up at 6am at morning then go to my cardio. After my one hour cardio session, at 7.30am take my first meal. I take a heavy meal in the morning. Then at 10am take another meal. So this is very costly. After will this meal go out to the office, which is actually a gym. My office time is from 11am to 5pm. Working as a chief instructor (CI) in Future Fitness Gym, which is situated in Jamuna Future Park, Progoti Soroni Dhaka.’’

Posing Time in Mr.Marcel-2016,Tameer Anwar, final day (Photo: Riad)

“Usually I finished my work at 3pm to 4.30pm. Always I take some pre-workout supplements and intra-workout supplements and of course some post-workout combo supplements for instant backup my muscular development. This supplements are highly expensive and very effective to grow and maintain our muscle. Supplements are the most expensive part of bodybuilding then comes the foods we take for upgrading our muscles,” he also added.

He informed his food time and told, “At 4.30pm I take a light meal in my gym. I take different types of salad and fruits in this meal. So daily needs big amount of money from my pocket. Usually I take 6-8 meals in a day from wake up to before bed.”

“At 5pm returned to home from office. I have two personal training at 6pm to 7.30pm and another at 8  to 9pm. At 9.30pm I become free and come to home with a very tired body and soul. At 10.30pm usually take my dinner. After taking dinner take some supplements like ‘whey protein Glutamine’, ‘BCAA’ etc. Also the price of this supplements are very high. Bodybuilding is not only a game it is a lifestyle. I have to keep involved in this type of job otherwise I can not maintain my bodybuilding cost,” also this speech was given by Tameer Anwar.

Another Timing (Photo: Riad)

Mister Bangladesh Tameer Anwar again said, “There is no price money in national categories games in our country. There are some price money in some private bodybuilding games like Mister Musclemania, Mister Marcel, beach-bodybuilding etc. We cannot continue body building by only playing this game. So we have to do other jobs/business or work for leading life and continue bodybuilding. In Bangladesh there are very few sponsors of this game. But day by day it’s popularity is increasing. If government help them (sponsors companies or players) bodybuilding will be a good profession. I have gained many champion awards from many categories. And I want new friends to come in this game.”

Mercel Program (Photo: Riad)

Arifur Rahman is another bodybuilder. He said, “Bodybuilding is a worldwide famous professional game now, but still not so famous in Bangladesh. Some of does not know about this game, some are not taking seriously. And our price money of this game is not enough. So we cannot take it as our main profession. Cricket-football are the professional games, but bodybuilding is not.’’

He also said. “If the government and Bangladesh bodybuilding federation help us and give a good fund like other countries we will develop this game more in Bangladesh”.

“I am working as a gym instructor and trainer. That’s my earning source. Spending this money I do bodybuilding,” the 60kg category two times champion Md. Arif said.

Arif at workout time (Photo: Collected from Arifur Rahman)

“I am so much interested to participate in bodybuilding games but still confused to take it professionally because there are not so many opportunities in our country like other countries. I hope should the government notice this game carefully very soon. Then it will become a famous and professional game in Bangladesh,” another bodybuilder named Shuvo Saha said.

He also said, “National game championship is a very honorable game for bodybuilders but they should not get a good amount of money. And the other hand bodybuilding is a very expensive game”.

He and others are hoping it will become a professional and popular game in Bangladesh very soon.

Sub-Edited By Syed Iftekhar Alam.


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